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domenica 25 marzo 2007

La verità ti fa male, lo so.

[14:31:11] * BiMBa^Robert|na saluta tutti
[14:32:31] <kyo> aww.. an italian tutti baby <3
[14:33:35] <kaptah> tight italian ass
[14:41:39] <kyo> waaagh.. I just noticed I would have a whole paperful of experimental physics exercises to do by tomorrow ;_; ..
[14:42:36] <kyo> and I have to do them all because one gets 20 of 60 points of course points from those
[14:46:43] <BiMBa^Robert|na> oh i'm sorry, it's an automatic message
[14:47:10] <kyo> figures
[14:47:18] <kyo> after all you're an italian
[14:47:25] <BiMBa^Robert|na> yes
[14:50:14] <kaptah> italian you are
[14:50:53] <BiMBa^Robert|na> yes, i'm italian...
[14:51:27] <kaptah> dippa fappa
[14:51:42] <BiMBa^Robert|na> :\
[14:52:48] <kaptah> so.. how's italy ?
[14:53:23] <BiMBa^Robert|na> sucks -.-'
[14:53:53] <Khellendros> Oh, why is that?
[14:54:06] <BiMBa^Robert|na> eh...
[14:54:56] <BiMBa^Robert|na> 'cause everything is wrong :)
[14:55:29] <Khellendros> Really? how so?
[14:55:36] <kaptah> Politics, climate, people... `?
[14:55:50] <BiMBa^Robert|na> exactly
[14:55:56] <BiMBa^Robert|na> EVERYTHING :\
[14:56:00] <BiMBa^Robert|na> sigh
[14:56:03] <Khellendros> Can't be food. Italian food is great.
[14:56:20] <BiMBa^Robert|na> yeah...only THAT thing :\
[14:57:06] <Khellendros> Well, yeah. Sure. Politics suck, but then again, politics tend to suck everywhere else too.
[14:57:06] <BiMBa^Robert|na> where are you from, guys?
[14:57:15] <Khellendros> Finland
[14:57:20] <kaptah> Most of us are from Finland
[14:57:35] <BiMBa^Robert|na> yeah, i know...but italian politicians are very very stupid
[14:57:47] <BiMBa^Robert|na> oh finland! cool
[14:58:09] <Khellendros> Well, sure. You have Berlusconi, we have Heinäluoma. You can find idiot politicians everywhere.
[14:58:39] <BiMBa^Robert|na> ahah :°D
[14:58:46] <BiMBa^Robert|na> you're right :°D
[14:59:24] <Khellendros> So, cheer up. At least you have good food.
[14:59:48] <BiMBa^Robert|na> teheh, ok ;P
[15:00:04] <BiMBa^Robert|na> and in finland? how's?
[15:00:07] <BiMBa^Robert|na> no good food?
[15:01:04] <Khellendros> Well, the food is OK, but some of it can also be used to shock tourists, such as reindeer ("You just ate Rudolph, kid. How do you feel?")
[15:01:37] <BiMBa^Robert|na> HAHA
[15:03:53] <Khellendros> Hmm... It's sure nice to dig that good old NES out of the attic every now and then.
[15:04:18] <Khellendros> Startropics is still good. Maybe this time I even manage to complete it.
[15:04:19] <BiMBa^Robert|na> :o
[15:04:56] <kaptah> finland is safe conservative and boring
[15:05:00] <Khellendros> What? It's a classic console.
[15:05:49] <Khellendros> I have to agree with kaptah here. Most of our major political parties are indistinguishable.
[15:06:19] <Khellendros> indistinguishable = every single one of them looks and feels the same.
[15:07:11] <BiMBa^Robert|na> it's sadly like that
[15:07:33] <kyo> ..are you seriously starting to speak politics here? one wouldnt have had enough of that during last weeks >.<
[15:09:24] <Khellendros> You're right, kyo. I'll just shut up about politics now.
[15:09:26] <BiMBa^Robert|na> no, no please! politics not! i am not quite good in english to talk about politics
[15:09:35] <BiMBa^Robert|na> :P
[15:10:17] <Khellendros> BiMBa^Robert|na: You see, we just had the parlament elections here, so everyone's a bit bored of politics, I guess.
[15:10:39] <BiMBa^Robert|na> ohh! i catch :)

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  1. quant'èbbrava la mia mù che parla inglese dialettoso!

    ma dove li hai trovati questi però?? :o